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Dana Beyer, LMT

Dana is a native of Upper Michigan who moved to the Northshore and has been performing therapeutic massage and bodywork for 5 years. Before moving to Illinois she attended 2 years of college at Northern Michigan University with a focus in Science and Biology and graduated from Marquette School of Therapeutic Massage in 2011.

Since the beginning of her practice she has honed her skills in understanding anatomy and physiology with the application of clinical massage techniques to an array of body types, myoskeletal dysfunctions and health conditions. Her practice is not only to achieve relaxation, but to progress patients to be more anatomically and physiologically functionally, leading them to a happier,healthier lifestyle. She is proficient in blending, modifying, and creating an array of manual therapies to mold tough, unhealthy soft tissue to functional tissue on a cellular level. Combining massage therapy, movement, and exercise to achieve better communication with soft tissues to the brain, promoting better mobilization, regeneration of muscle tissue and create awareness to patients myoskeletal imbalances and movement patterns. Her attentiveness to details, clear communication, diligence, positive enthusiasm, and passion to educate has made her an asset to team REACT. She is trained in the following: swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, functional release, myofascial release, prenatal, sports and Thai massage.